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whenever there is a lot of feelings that is involved especially when it is just the start of a relationship it might feel like there is nothing that is going to go bad. that is when she or he might move in together and try to have a better life. but giving in to the idea of living in together very quickie can be a hard thing to do especially if at the end there is no compatibility at all. it is hard to deal with discovering that she is just not the one. especially after she had already love in together. it might make sense to move in together with a woman. but if it is only a short time that she has been around and there is still lots of questions that are not answered. it might be nice to be careful and do what is necessary to have a better life. moving in together with a lady very quickie can create a world of hurt for a lot of people that is involved. it is hard to get her to move on and get out of the common place. moving in together is one of the biggest commitments that a couple would do. when it is not working out at the end of the day. there is a lot of struggles and regrets that is going to happen and it is going to be hard to learn to deal with it as time goes by. taking a leap with a lady who is just a month in my life seems so right to do. it feels amazing to be with her. that is why it was no question that it was right to move in together. it is what a couple naturally do. but that was one of the worst things that could happen. I learned in a very bad manner that she was the total opposite of a lady that I thought she was. it took a year to end it. now there is a lot of time to get back to having fun. having a serious commitment with someone is the total opposite of what I should do. that is why I became friends with a Romford escort from it was a serious thing to learn how to be happy in life and mostly it was because there was a Romford escort all along to be a friend. she night be the one who is going to be alright in having no commitment at all. there is a lot that a Romford escort is willing to do. that is why I know that she is a special kind of lady who would have a huge part in my life. it might not be now but I know that there is something to work on with a Romford escort. she’s a good person with a huge heart and it feels like she can always be a friend and have no drama in her.