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I would not say that my husband regressed in bed after I left London escorts to marry him, but something went wrong. When we first met, he sounded like to most sexually confident guy I had ever met, but after we got married, I discovered that he was not that sexually experienced. Then I realized it had actually been me taking control of the relationship even when I worked for London escorts. You think you are good at something together, but all of a sudden you realize you are the one doing it all.


It took me a little while to figure out that my husband enjoyed being dominated. When I worked for London escorts, I had naturally been in charge, so when I left to get married, I kind of carried on for a little while. It was not until I got married, I realized it would be nice if my husband was in charge. If you like, I wanted the roles to be reversed when compared to the time we had spent together at cheap London escorts, but training my new husband seemed to be is harder than training a dragon.


As I set with my hands placed behind and my legs spread open wanting my husband to give me some good oral sex, I realized the poor thing was totally lost. What had happened to the experimental guy I had met at London escorts. I told him to get me really wet as I was super horny for his dick, and it was like the light went on. He looked at me, and finally went to work with his tongue. Just like at London escorts, I had left the porn movie running we had just been watching as it did seem to get him going.


What I had not realized, was that he needed the porn movie as a source of inspiration. I should have figured it out really as on our third date when I was still at London escorts, he had asked if I had a colleague at London escorts who could join us. At the time, we had been watching a porno about a hot and steamy threesome hook up. When my friend joined us, he said that he had never been so inspired in his entire life. It was them we started to watch pornos all of the time.


Today, we have been married for three years, and my husband is really good in bed. He has turned into a great lover, and as I say to my girls who still work for London escorts, I cannot get enough of him, and he cannot get enough of me. Recently, we watched a porno about swinging, and now we have started to go swinging. With his great technique, my husband is one of the hottest guys at the party. And guess what? I get a real kick out watching him turning on other women, and showing them a good time. I am even happy to help out, and make sure that all parties enjoy themselves.