Supernatural London in Action

When you have been dating gents for some time, you can soon tell when something is not right. That is exactly what happened to me the other night. I was waiting for one of my favorite dates at escorts in London sx to turn up. He is normally anxious to see me and enjoy my company at the escort agency, but for some reason, he was late. I was getting rather worried and thinking about leaving as he was over half an hour later.

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When he finally turned up, he was totally out of breath and just wanted to sit down. As he was my last date of the evening, I did not mind hanging around for a bit, and it seemed like he needed some company. To my surprise, he told me that he thought that he had a supernatural experience as he had walked passed what used to be an old graveyard in London, and ended up being followed by “something” as he said to me. It all sounded a bit weird, but during my time at London escorts I have heard may strange stories.

The thing is that modern day London is packed with old graveyards and churches. Many of the graveyards have been built on now, but an eerie feelings still remain around many of them. I have experienced it myself a couple of times when I have been in London, but for some reason my gent seemed really shock up. I asked him what he thought had happened and he told me that he had been chased by someone. He said that it felt really evil, and as he did not want to take it with him to London escorts, he had ended up doing a huge detour until he finally ended up with me.

I gave him a glass of wine, and asked him to calm down a little bit. It was not easy for him and I could tell that he was really upset. Together we put in the address where he had encountered the strange feeling of evil, and sure enough, there was an old graveyard on the site. I was not sure what to say to him, but he certainly seemed to be very upset by the experience. It was the first time a gentlemen had come to me at London escorts with such a strange story. Anyway, my London escorts date felt better and decided to take a cab home instead of walking.

The next day was my day off from London escorts. I normally spend it shopping or something like that,
but on this occasion, I wanted to check out what my date had told me. It was a very rainy morning, but as I walked through London the weather started to brighten up. When I reached the address my date had talked about, I was surprised to find a medical crew there. Apparently a team of diggers for the London Cross Rail project had found a very old skeleton which should not have been there. It had been found last night, but hastily covered up to be fully recovered in the morning. The skeleton had a stake through its heart – was this the evil spirit my date had encountered?