Sex School London

Swedish sex educator Ylva-Maria Thompson may think that she shocked the world by opening the world’s first sex school in Vienna in Austria but two escorts based in London have now opened a franchise of Ylva-Maria’s sex school in London. One of the girls, Neta, works as part of a team of Tooting escorts and her partner Eva has joined in as well.

Many Tooting escorts like say that it is a brilliant idea as many people do not know how to a really enjoyable sex or make love to each other. To some people though, a sex school sounds like an extension of the porn industry but it is not. This is very much a school where you pay a term fee to learn love making.

Better Sex are always interested in new concepts within the porn and sex industry, so we decided to have a chat to Tooting escorts to see what they thought about the idea of the school.

Elana, a Polish Tooting escorts, visited the school a couple of weeks ago, and said that she thought it was a good idea. She says that many women still fake orgasms when they have sex with their partners, and there is no need to do so. Totting escorts never have sex on duty but that doesn’t stop them from enjoying sex.

Elana says that a lot of people try to learn sex from porn movies but that doesn’t always work. It is better to get some hands on experienced together with an experienced teacher. The school has both male and female instructors which is very important as both parties need sexual satisfaction.

Nina is another one of the Tooting escorts that we spoke to about the sex school, and she says that she is a strong believer in the concept. When she visited the school a guy was there with his younger partner so that he could be taught how to let his partner become multi orgasmic. Being multi orgasmic may not come natural for many women, and some men don’t have the patience to learn. This guy clearly wanted his partner to experience several orgasms, and he was being taught to do so under supervision by a professional teacher.

Sex toys is an art in itself, and playing with sex toys is not always as easy as it seems. However, it can be very fun and once you have learned how you are hooked. Sex toys educational classes are available at the school as well, and many of the sex toy classes are now fully booked. They are truly interactive classes, and as the numbers per class are limited, you quickly learn a lot.

Nina said that she walked past a class, and by the sound of it, it sounded like they were having some great fun. She is also quick to point out that there was nothing dirty or nasty about it, and no one was making porn movies. These were just couples learning to improve their love making.

Perhaps we should have more sex schools throughout the UK.