Is your relationship in trouble- west London escort

There’s a lot of fact to consider if your relationship is in trouble. You have to know what makes it in trouble and rate your relationship. I’ve been in a relationship for five years now with west London escort and lately we have a constant fight because of my side chick. It is true I cheated in our relationship but I regret on it. She says she forgiven me but it seems not. West London escort still acts like she has not moved one from the mistake I made and it really sucks me. for me I say sorry to her a couple of times. I did peace to her but west London escort still argue with me and keep digging my mistake. And I guess the end of our relationship is near. I don’t want to let go with her, west London escort from is perfect, beautiful, nice body and has good moral for me but I don’t know how long we are still like this. West London escort gives me a kind of love that is unbreakable. Somewhat no one can give me that way at all. These past few days she acts cold to me, everything change after she knew my mistake. It was hard for me to go on after all. My life with west London escort gives me the opportunity to become a better version of myself but I broke her trust. We live together, she speak to me but not like before. She sleeps alone whole I’m in the couch. I always want to make it up to her but she refuse to do so. I think that our relationship is slowly breaking and falling apart. it’s hard for me to move on if ever she will left me, this was my fault and this is the price I have to pay. I did not realize she will notice it and would be the cause of our big trouble now. I don’t know what life could be to me of tomorrow is without a west London escort. for me a woman like her is someone that I cannot lose because she is so precious to me but it seems like my actions towards does not affect her anymore. I want to save our relationship but I don’t know if she still can forgive me truly. The old us cannot be back anymore. I hurt her so bad that slowly tears us apart. She is not the same anymore to me, she does not say I love you or text me where she is. She doesn’t answer my call when I left worried home. this time I am accepting the fact that it will break us and maybe it’s near for me. I can’t move on if that happens. I love west London escort so much but I still chose to break her heart by not being contented with her. This is my mistake and I regret it so bad until now. I hope there’s still a chance for us to continue our love story