I recently discovered that house cleaning could help you to lose weight – London escorts

I had a couple of kilos hanging around, which I did not want, and when my house cleaner Brenda broke her ankle, I force to do a lot of the housework. With a six-bedroom house, there was certainly a lot to do, and I found that just after about two weeks, I had lost those stubborn kilos. It must have been all of that running up and down the stairs coupled with carrying the Dyson. My London escorts friends laughed at me, but house cleaning can indeed help you lose weight. So, what else in our daily lives can help us to lose weight without exercising. I suggest to my London escorts friends that sex can help us to lose weight as well.


If we put a little more effort into our sex lives, I suggested to the London escorts; we might be able to lose a bit of extra weight. As I told my London escorts friends at https://www.cityofeve.org, you can burn as much as 150 calories when you have sex. If you do that four times a week, you would be able to burn off an extra 600 calories. That is excellent news! I have to admit that my London escorts friends were a bit surprised, but we decided to look into what other everyday activities could help us lose weight. One of the London escorts friends looked into gardening and found that gardening can burn off 100 calories per hour. Now, that is sweet music to my ears. Since giving up my London escorts career where you could book the best cheap London escorts, I have become a keen gardener. On average, I spend about 3 hours in the garden every week, which means I burn up 300 calories without even having to think about it. Walking is another much-neglected activity to another one of my London escorts friends. You can burn up 8 – 10 calories per minute if you walk at a decent speed.


My husband walks for 30 minutes before work every morning, so that means he burns up at least 240 calories, and after that, he works to the Underground station, which takes him ten minutes. Not bad at all! I have to say that there are probably lots more activities that you can include in your daily fitness routine without even knowing about it.  I wonder how many calories I would burn if I walked to the supermarket with one of those little silly shopping trollies instead of taking the car. Most of the time, I shop fresh food an average three times per week, and I could easily walk to our little Waitrose supermarket in Chiswick. Could we be making diet and weight loss over complicated, and we should cancel the gym membership and see what other activities we could do? Save money and lose weight at the same time!