Hedonistic Resorts

Where do North London London escorts from site like http://cityofeve.com/north-london-escorts/ go on holiday? Escorts need holidays just like anybody else, and all London escorts that I know do take holiday. But, where do escorts go on holiday? Do they go to a family resorts, or somewhere completely different.


North London escorts in need of a sunshine holiday tend to jet off to the Caribbean. The Caribbean islands are famous for their hedonistic resorts, and you will find them in Jamaica, Cuba and Mexico. Not all resorts that claim they are hedonistic are totally hedonistic. Some of them are the American soft version, and you may hear Americans referring to textile free. That means that nudity is allowed but you can’t for instance have sex on the beach.


One of the most famous hedonistic resorts can be found in Negril in Jamaica and it is called Hedonism II. It is a paradise for both London and American escorts. The resort also arrange special holidays such as the Playful Pussy Cats holidays, and they can lay on special parties.


But, why should you go to a hedonistic resorts?


More Relaxing


A lot of family resorts or couples only resorts are a bit more restrictive. For instance you may have to be up at a certain time in the morning to have room service. At hedonistic resorts you can sleep all day, and party all night if you would like to.


Breakfast will be available all day, and it is okay to have a drink before noon. Many couples or family resorts do not offer alcohol before noon, and you would be hard pressed to find a glass of champagne anywhere.


At hedonistic resorts a waiter will bring you glasses of champagne whilst you are sitting in the swimming pool and having fun with your partner. They don’t mind what you do as long as you are two, or more consenting adults.


Play Rooms


At hedonistic resorts you are also likely to find specialist play rooms. They have been kitted out to fit in with visitors fantasies, and many specialists tastes can be catered for. You have play rooms with sexy furniture, and you will even find some play rooms just have rubber sheets on the floor if you fancy having a real oily time.




The spas might be a bit more specialist, and most of the offer very special couple’s massages. You can book a masseuse, or you can give your partner a more personal massage. Everything you need is there for you.


Oils, lotions and aromatherapy oils are supplied, and the towels are all fresh and clean.




At hedonistic resorts there is no need to wear clothes when visiting a restaurant. You can wear as much or a little as you like, and you can even just go in, get your food and go back to your room.


Most hedonistic resorts are very sociable places, and you will find that swingers are often booked in. Some resorts even specialize in block booking on swingers parties, and you will find most of them in Jamaica.


On these occasion you don’t book directly with the resort, you book through a swingers club and most of them can be found on the internet.


If you haven’t tried a hedonistic holiday perhaps you should, but you need to be very open minded…