Cultural differences and sex

We all have different attitude towards sex, and some of us are more liberated about sex than others. Here at London escorts, we now have girls from so many different cultures and they all of have their own unique idea, and attitude towards sex and relationships. When I first started to work at London escorts, there were mainly a lot of English girls, but now you will be able to find London escorts from every part of the world, and that is kind of fun for the girls who work here. However, some gents do get really confused when it comes to dating.

The Polish girls who work for London escorts sort of like to take over, and be the dominant partner during the date. Some gents really seem to enjoy this experience but others do not. It would be fair to say that in Poland, it is often the woman who is very dominant and sort of rules the relationship in the bedroom. Here in the UK, things might just be totally the other way around and Polish girls find this a but unusual, they are used to being in charge and in control in many walks of life.

Other girls at London escorts are totally different. Some gents really like to date Swedish London escorts. They have yet again another dating style, and seem to set the scene a bit more. One gent recently told me that his date was perfection, and every was in order when he came in. It is nice to get some feed back, and I have to admit that our Swedish London escorts, seem to be very popular. I have even spoken to some gents who like to pay a bit extra to make sure that they can enjoy a date with a Swedish escort.

The London escorts who come from places like Brazil are rather hot dates. They like to have fun, and get their gents really excited. Sometimes, the gents who like to date Brazilian London escorts are a bit overwhelmed and may complain that the date has gone too fast. The truth is that I personally find Brazilian girls hard work as friends as they are always so full on. They talk fast, never seem to sit still and have sort of a restless energy about them. It can be difficult to find them suitable gents to date here in London.

I love working as a receptionist, booking adviser, for London escorts, but my job is not always easy. It can actually be hard to match the right gent to the right girl. We have lots of different girls here at London escorts, and most gents do discover what kind of dating they like very quickly. Personally, I find that a lot of gents from abroad such as international business men, like to date around a bit. They like to try different dating styles, and when they come back to London, they often start the cycle all over again. Local gents tend to have more regular girls they like to see.