Chelmsford escorts – a divorcee haven

It seems that Chelmsford in Essex has recently become a bit of a haven for divorcees. Property is cheaper than in many areas of London, and some gents seem to view buying a home in Chelmsford as a fresh start. Subsequently Chelmsford has seen an influx of gents mainly in their mid 40’s to 50’s, and many of them are using Chelmsford escorts services. Sadly, it seems that many recently divorced gents are reluctant to start new relationships and are often in need of comfort from the local escorts. The local agency provides a range of dating services but there are some services which are more popular than others.

At the moment the most popular service at Chelmsford escorts services seems to be dinner dating. A lot of gents do not have anybody to eat with so they turn to escorts services. Annie from the local agency says that sometimes she wishes that she could eat two dinners everyday. There are so many gents who like to have some company, she says. What really makes Annie laugh is the local gents who ask their favorite escorts join them as caddies for golf competitions. We now have some ladies who are getting really good at golf, she adds.

After dinner dating, it is massage services from Chelmsford escorts which seem to matter the most. Many of our gents spend a long time in cars, or travel on airplanes during the week, says Annie. When they come back home, they are suffering with aching back and muscles. This where are massage girls come in handy. They know how to give the best of massages and there are many different styles to choose from. Both Swedish and Tantric massages seem to be very popular but the more exotic Nuru technique is quickly catching up with the rest.

Surprisingly we see a lot of call for escorts for couples from Chelmsford escorts services. There are quite a few interesting couples in the area and we also seem to get a lot of visitors during weekends. I have done some escorting for couples and it can be very challenging. It is so easy for one part of the couple to become envious and you don’t want to let anybody down. I still do it and I actually quiet enjoy it but I would not want to try duo dating. That I don’t feel is for me, says Annie.

Party girls have not arrived on the scene at Chelmsford escorts, says Annie, but she knows her boss is taking about it. A lot of younger gents now go into places like Canary Wharf for their stag parties. Perhaps they prefer party away from Chelmsford, says Annie, this is after all a rather close knit community and it could perhaps be awkward for a future partner. However, Annie would like to add that male escorts services are now starting up in Chelmsford and are very popular with ladies at the local spa. She has personally heard a few conversation about wild weekends.


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