Attracting a woman can always be hard to those who are not gifted in life like me.

Good looks and great personality can go a long way. But deep inside in my heart I knew that I have none of those qualities that women generally go for. The only thing that would give me a chance is practising how to be confident and comfortable all of the time. a date can be a brutal thing for a guy who does not know what he is doing. I’ve been through enough bad dates to know what to do in order to attract a woman. Attracting a woman is extra challenge without good looks and unlimited resources. But that does not really mean that it’s impossible. Knowing how to charm a girl and make her think that she is with a great person is always nice. it is easier to try to talk to a woman very gently and slowly for the first time instead of getting too aggressive. it would b move to let her feel like she is not being mentally overcome by a man. Looking clean is also a way to show respect to a girl. Having a clean hygiene and good health have a lot of great effects in the chances of a girl falling in love. It’s always cute to see a guy who knows how to look clean all of the time. Many girls are very picky when it comes to men. Without great smell on a guy especially on the first date. There is no advantage to be had. but even after doing everything that I thought would make a girl mime I was still very unsuccessful when it comes to a Bethnal escort. She already has seen through all of my tricks that are why I can’t even get to her heart no matter what. Sometimes there is just woman like a bethnal green escort that is hard to overcome. But that don’t really mean that I would stop trying to be her man. After not having any luck with a bethnal green escort from for so long. I tried to treat her old school way. Waiting for her when her work is over and giving her a ride home every day for two months really made a great ice breaker with be and a bethnal green escort. she only begun to show a little bit of the good side of her after all of the things that had happened between the both of us. There aren’t many girls who don’t have any effect on my chances. But I’m glad that it became a great ride with a bethnal green escort at the end of the day. There is no telling what we could do next. the more that she rejected me more that I wanted to be with a bethnal green  escort. Treating a girl the old fashion way when everything does not work is always going to be a great option to have.