Are some escorts from certain countries hotter than others?

Foreign escorts have been popular in London for a long time. Many foreign girls from other EU countries saw the London escort industry as an opportunity and moved over to London to make some extra money. Looking back at London escorts, you can see that it was the Polish girls who jumped on the bandwagon first of all. These days, we are getting a lot of other nationalities hitting the streets of London. For instance, it is very popular to date Icelandic escorts.


We have a couple of girls from Iceland working at London escorts. I was not sure what they were going to be like first of all, but they do genuinely seem to be very nice. At the moment it is still a bit of a novelty to date Iceland escorts in London. One thing is for sure, men really do seem to like Icelandic girls. Most of them are very pretty and have nice long blond hair. They are also very fit, and seem to fun to spend time with when you are on a date.

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Do they speak English? Icelandic escorts speak excellent English and they even seem to have an English sense of humour. It seems to me that most of them are very familiar with English society and have been able to adjust very easily. In many ways they are very much like English girls and I guess that is ultimately what men like about them. At the same time, I guess that Iceland escorts come across as a little bit exotic.


Are Icelandic escorts hot and sexy? So far, all of the Icelandic escorts that I have worked with at London escorts have been very sexy. They are kind of sexy in a natural kind of way. Sometimes when I look at Polish escorts, I think that they come across kind of fake and put on this sexy image. Since the Icelandic girls started to arrive on the London escorts scene, I have noticed that my Polish colleagues at London escorts are not so busy.


What about English escorts? As far as English escorts are concerned, we seem to have gone through a rather slack period. It was not so popular to date English escorts from London escorts, but all of that is beginning to change now. It seems that we are becoming more and more popular again, and I think that after Brexit, English escorts will once again become the top girls in London. Will I still be escorting for London escorts in London then? I think so. Brexit is not very far away, and I am sure that there will be plenty of opportunities for English escorts. It could even be that some foreign escorts are forced to go back to their home countries.  I am glad that I will not have that as a worry in my life, but I do know many escorts in London who are very worried.